India At A Glance: General knowledge About India

India is one of the oldest contemporaries in the world, with multicolored diversity and rich cultural heritage. Along with this, it has also brought itself with the changing times. After achieving independence, India has made multi-dimensional social and economic progress in the last 62 years. India has become self-sufficient in agriculture and is now counted in the category of the most industrialized countries of the world. Also, in those few countries it has started to be mentioned, whose steps have reached to the moon. Area of India 32,87,263 sq. Km.

It starts from the heights of the snow-covered Himalayas and spreads to the equatorial rain forests of the South. Being the seventh largest country in the world, India looks different from the rest of Asia, which is characterized by the mountain and the sea and it gives it a distinct geographical identity. In the north, surrounded by the mountain range of the Himalayas, it becomes narrower beyond the cancer line. In the east, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south set its limits.

Located mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, the mainland of India is located between 8 degrees 4 minutes and 37 degrees 6 minutes north latitudes and 68 degrees 7 minutes and 97 degrees 25 minutes east longitude. Its maximum length is 3,214 km from north to south. And the maximum width from east to west is 2,933 km. is. Its land boundaries are about 15,200 km long. is. Whereas the total length of the coastline of mainland, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar islands is 7,516.6 km.

India At A Glance

1 Other names of India Hindustan, India, Aryavrat, Bharat
2  India ‘s capital   New Delhi (New Delhi)
3 India ‘s area 3.287 million km²
4 In 2011 the statistics of the country ‘s total population number is ?  1,21,05,69,573 people
5 Total state of India  29
6 India ‘s central governing state  7
7 India ‘s latitudinal extension 8º4‛N to 37º6‛ N
8 India ‘s longitudinal extension 68º7‛E to 98º25‛ N
9 India ‘s east and west of the country to expand 2,933 KM
10 India ‘s north to the south of the country to expand  3,214 KM
11 India’s standard time and for selected location  Allahabad (Allahabad)
12 India’s southern edge of the Mediterranean line of distance  876 KM.
13 India ‘s mainland at the southern end  Kanniyakumari (Kanyakumari)
14 India ‘s land borders total length  15,200 that . M .
15 India ‘s border with neighboring countries  Nepal , Bhutan , China , Sri Lanka ,Bangladesh , Myanmar , Pakistan
16 Indian border to touch integrator Sea and ocean Indian Ocean, Arabian Ocean, Bengal ‘s Bay
17 India ‘s national motto  Satyamev Jayate
18 National Flag of India  Tricolor
19 National Symbol of India  Ashoka Pillar
20 India ‘s Nation anthem  Jana Gana Mana
21 India ‘s Nation Song  Vande Mataram
2 India ‘s national flag song Hind Desh Ka Pyara Jhanda
23 National animal of India  Tiger
24 National Fruit of India  Mango
25 National flower of India  Kamal (Lotus)
26 National Games of India  Hockey
27 National Dessert of India  Jalebi
28 India ‘s National Currency  Rupees
29 The nationality of India  Indian
30 National script of India  Dev Nagri
31 India ‘s National Foreign Policy  Non Aligned
32 India ‘s National Information paper  white paper
33 National River of India  Ganges
34 National Fiesta of India  January 26 ( Republic Day ) and August 15 (Independence Day )
35 India ‘s National Plan  Five Year Plan
36 India ‘s National Aquatic Animal  Ganga Dafin
37 The national bird of India  Peacock
38 National Tree of India  Banyan
39 India ‘s National Ptrrchang  doubt era
40 India is the more rain the place  Msinarm ( Meghalaya )
41 India ‘s most densely populated with the state  Bihar (Bihar)
42 India is the more forests with the state  Assam (Assam)
43 India is the most population with cities  Mumbai
44 India ‘s most eastern states  Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh)
45 India ‘s most western state  Gujarat (Gujarat)
46 India Casbse northern state  Kashmir (Kashmir)
47 India Casbse southern states  Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu)
48 India ‘s Most songs that movie  Indrasba (1933)
49 India is the fastest pace of running a train  Shatabdi Express ( New Delhi from Bhopal)
50 India ‘s Most Expensive City  Bangalore
51 India ‘s most pollution spreading from cities  Kolkata
52 India ‘s highest national honor  Bharat Ratna
53 India ‘s Rights scheduled race with state  Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh)
54 India ‘s Most Scheduled Tribes with state  MP (Madhya Pradesh)
55 India ‘s highest literacy with the state  Kerala (Kerala) (93.91 percent )
56 India is the lowest year of service  Leh
57 Countries in the total bid to make bids the number is  1,652 ( approx )
58 the country in a bid to make the total official languages are  22
59 The latest count of the country in total districts the number is  687
60 The latest information is based on the country in total villages the number is  649481

61 India in total high courts of the number is  24
62 India in total registered engineering colleges of the number is  4298
63 Countries in the total registered medical colleges the number is  381
64 Countries in total legislators the number is  4126
65 Countries in total oil refineries of the number is  22
66 The total number of famous World Heritage sites in India is 32
67 Number of total channels to be telecast in India is  1,400
68 Countries in the total registered central schools the number is  1096 (By February 2015)
69 India in total airports the number is 125, including 18 International Airport also included are.
70 The number of total registered jails in India is 1,387
71 countries in total Mountains of number is  50
72 India in total Bridges (Bridges) the number is  45
73 India in total plants of species found is that  45,000 ( approx )
74 The latest information of the country in total bank ATM ‘s number is  2,08,206 ( RBI Data )
75 India in total public sector banks, the number is  27
76 India in total commercial banks the number is  93
77 Countries in total national political parties, the number is  6
78 Countries in total state-level political parties, the number is  49
79 Countries in total railway zones the number is  17
80 India in total metro cities the number is  12
81 Sun in 2011 to calculate the per country in total tiger ‘s number is  2226
82 Sun in 2015 to calculate the rate of the country in total National Park is  103
83 2015 the number of the country in total billionaires, the number is  100
84 84. According to 2015 the total number of cheetahs are  12,000 to14,000
85 India in total Pinkods the number is  19101
86 India to set up an official post Ofises the total number is  154725
87 India in total gasoline stations to number about is  56,190 [March 2016]
88 India in the most uttered to a linguistic group is  Indo Aryan
89 India in the low spoke to a linguistic group is  Chinese Tibetan
90 India in the mosques of the number is  almost 300,000 mosque


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